Mike Salta is a Danish music connoisseur and producer. Growing up with the late 70’s and early 80’s flourishing electronic influence on music, boogie, funk, disco and italo-disco were the first true vibes fueling a passion that has grown into a lifelong dedication to music. With DJ’ing, music production, talent development, event, club and label management, his entrepreneurship has brought 35 years of experience gathered from engagements all over the globe. As a producer, more than 100 releases under various monikers.
Mike Salta today embraces music of all kinds without aiming at a specific genre.
Some call it balearic!

Along the journey, Mike Salta has established himself as a sought after audio restoration specialist, making wonders with worn out tapes, vinyl and related historic formats for music and audio documentary.

Mike Salta is the founder of Binky Grooves, Relux Music Group, Skycreaker, Gatto Rosso records, Njordika and other hallmarks used to support and brand new creative talent at various electronic platforms.

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